Email has always been the best tool to hide
within an organisation but not any more
Kafal Email Insights Suite (KEIS)
Our Products derive real time insights from your emails so
that your organization can take better business decisions

About KEIS

Kafal Email Insights Suite (KEIS) derives real time insights from Emails using leading edge cognitive technology and through our deep algorithms to help organisations understand the emotion, social tendencies, and language style to help them take better business decisions.

With the entire world moving towards digital communication, it is imperative to improve and get visibility into the communication amongst Employees, Customers and Managers. With this aim, Kafal has developed this solution to also improve the communication and provide visibility into the email conversations.


No Visibility on
team’s relationship
with customer and
vice versa

Client satisfaction
typically measured
through surveys
which does not
portray the accurate

Executive Management gets visibility of issues
through escalation
and by that time, the
damage is already

For the employees,
this becomes visible
to HR through
resignation which in
most cases is


$400Kannually is the cost borne by smaller companies as a result of poor communication

$62 Billion of business gets lost due to poor customer service every year

80% of businesses believe they provide excellent customer service, but only 8% of customers agree

“Kafal Email Insights Suite”

Built on


Provides the right analytics and visibility at all levels through Employee and Client dashboards

Captures Tone used in each and every Email conversation to/from customers and any other external stakeholder

Detects and iterprets emotions, social tendencies, and language style from emails 

Completely Secure and maintains privacy by “not” capturing and storing the actual email content

Can be used by Management to understand, refine and improve communications before it gets too late

Predict client behavior so that things can be managed pro-actively

Integration with Enterprise Email, LDAP and other enterprise systems

Built with IBM Watson and also supports On-prim deployment

Overall Benefits

Improve Client Sat
/Net Promoter Score

Better Communication

Prevent Customer Churn

Reduced cost of poor communication

Client Behaviour Analytics

Choice of Deployment
On Premise

Deployed within firewall
of your data center
On Cloud

Delivered as a Service through
Secure Public/Private Cloud

IBM Notes

IBM Verse


Office 365

What do our customers say ?

We are using the analytics from the solution as part of annual appraisal cycle and it has definitely helped us get a true sense of employee behavior and equation with peers and management.

                          Ruchi, Senior HR Manager, Large IT Product Org in India

We were able to foresee one of the client escalations through KEIS. As a result, we reached out to them pro-actively to address their concern thereby helping us retain our client.

               Abhishek, Delivery Head, Large Financial Services Organization

We use it for Sales Analytics - we can easily know how many people in client org each rep has been in touch with, frequency of communication with clients and the relationship mapping.

                                                           Rohit, Sales Head of IT Services Firm

We use it for customer support. With KEIS, we are able to service our customers better. Customer frustration in emails which we weren't able to track is now just a click away. We have truly deligted  customers now.

                         Sachin, Director Customer Service of a Multinational BPO


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