Case Studies

We have had multiple client engagements and have always managed to provide superior client experience and great work. Listed here are some of the case studies on how we have been able to add value to our clients.

Some of the case studies from our collection :

Voice/ Chat Bot – no pre-defined Questions
  1. Created a VoiceBot that interacts with user, real time over the voice, thereby eliminating the  need of any manual or query based interaction system.
  2. Uses IBM Watson and Google Voice to Converter with NLP.
Data ingestion and analytics for Wealth
  1.  File data (semi-structured and unstructured) & DB data (structured) ingestion into HDFS, Hive and HBase sinks of a Hadoop data lake from multiple sources.
  2. Spark jobs for ETL and data processing.
  3. Data governance and lineage monitoring.
  4. Job scheduling with Oozie workflows.
Data Lake as “IT infrastructure compliance and adoption analytics” platform
  1. Installation, Config and Admin of a 16-node HDP cluster on Linux VMs.
  2. Ingestion of compliance and usage data pertaining to patch installations, antivirus, encryption, firewall logs and apps usage from multiple DB and log file sources.
  3. Data processing using Spark applications.
  4. Compliance and usage Dashboards and Reports using Cognos Analytics.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  1. Extract relevant data automatically from images.
  2. Reduces manual time required to read and extract text from images considerably.
  3. Uses Google Vision as OCR and in house developed NLP layer to extract data

….and many more through our multiple client engagements

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