Employee Onboarding Automation

Employee Onboarding Automation


Employee Onboarding:

Employees of a company are the main essence and more than a number of steps are met with while hiring and onboarding them. Onboarding process refers to the mechanism through which a new employee goes through certain official procedures and acquires the necessary skills and knowledge to be an influential and effective part of the organisation.

The main crucial step of onboarding is the filling up of multiple forms by an employee on the very first day of joining. From filling up ID details to bank account info, an employee has to go through repetitive processes of filling up multiple forms. This process makes the employees lethargic and sinks them into boredom as it stretches the time duration. With the number of copies of forms used can lead to paper wastage and consumers HR employee productivity for useless works of data entry. This step of onboarding is cumbersome as an employee has to switch between cubicles looking for the concerned delegates either for enquiry or for authorised signatures. The first day of joining can be chaotic and in confusion for a newly hired employee while dealing with this particular onboarding procedure. Failure to organize the onboarding process can mean disaster both for the company and the employees.

Kafal Employee Onboarding Automation

To overcome these challenges and to provide a smooth employee onboarding process, we at Kafal Software have humanized the entire process by creating the solution called Employee Onboarding Automation (EOA). This solution automates end-to-end onboarding in HR department while automating the integration of the corresponding business applications. From the moment a request for the onboarding of an employee is received from the hiring manager, EOA gets to work. With a link opening to certain official pages is sent to an employee before the date of joining where all the details and information associated with the employee, ranging from personal information and employment details, to salary and equipment information are entered and assigned. Several forms with all the filled details of the employee will be circulated to the concerned employee on the first day of joining. With only a few blanks of legal requirements and signatures for the employee to verify and fill in the forms, the process of employment onboarding is done in minimum 5 minutes while it takes not less than 2-3 hours in the previous procedure without EOA. It not only saves employee efforts but also saves the HR department allowing them to focus on other activities.


Solution Benefits

Some of the benefits of using Employee Onboarding Automation better explained as follows:

  • Easy tracking: The HR staff can track the employee’s onboarding process and monitor tasks and functions. With the help of automation, increased visibility and centralised information management at one place, tracking becomes easy, leading to more efficient onboarding and improvement in the service.
  • Quick and Error-Free Onboarding: As the onboarding process involves a lot of paperwork that involves the entry of employee’s documents such as proof of residency, ID cards and more, entering such large amounts of data manually is cumbersome job for the HR department and is prone to errors. Automated onboarding helps in preventing such errors.
  • More visibility: Companies can track and monitor tasks across departments and can instantly access employee information and related documents. EOA allows flexibility to route new hire information for reviews and approvals which can help achieve lower internal costs during the onboarding process.
  • Steady flow of information: It reduces dependence on documents and ensures a constant flow of appropriate information to new hires. Too much information too soon can lead to time loss while reading materials that may not be relevant.

Kafal Software understands that an instant onboarding is rewarding for both the company and the employees. We use automated program which helps reduce the initial recruitment costs and also helps in improving employee retention and productivity, employee engagement and employer brand. Hiring new employees and its onboarding is the real deal. If the onboarding process is not planned properly, it can lead to a lot of complications and can make the entire process unorganised and undisciplined. Kafal Software ensures that this crucial stage of employee onboarding of the company is dealt with the latest technologies which will yield better results.