Machine Learning

Our highly skilled team helps you create relevant differentiation in your products and services through Machine learning. We partner with leading OEMs and work across domains to help you succeed

Data Science

Kafal Soft provides consulting and enterprise project experience in this domain to help you navigate through myriad of structured and unstructured data through our data scientists.

Robotic Process Automation

This is another key part of Digital workplace automation wherein we help you to automate any business process while reaping the benefits of cognition and still staying flexible

Staff Augmentation

We work with customers to ensure they could focus on delivering business outcome while we fulfill their needs on the precise skill set that is needed. There are different models of engagement that exist and can be customised to offer the flexibility, efficiency, risk mitigation and cost control.

1. Why you must look at Machine learning and Cognitive Computing ..."Now"

We are entering a new era of computing led by Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing which denotes a huge leap forward. This involves how new age systems are built to interact with humans. Most of the organizations have just touched the surface of Machine Learning. While the use cases are being explored for last few years, now is the time when organizations have begun the transition from 'wanting to know' to 'real adoption'. Whether it is about enabling chat bot across different business functions not only to save costs but also to bring in the element of uniform customer experience thereby resulting in increased customer retention and direct impact on revenues, or having capabilities of utilize ever increasing research data from medical journals in order to provide better healthcare facilities, the potential value is humongous. Continuously learning and adapting to outthink the needs of the ever-changing market, we help our our customers in adopting a cognitive approach to discover new insights from the data available to you, whether inside or outside your firewall

How can we help you

At Kafal Software, we believe that this would be one of the key elements on how you would be able to differentiate yourself in today's digital world and we help you do just that. Continuously learning and adapting to outthink the needs of the ever-changing market, we can help you in adopting a cognitive approach to discover new insights from the data available to you, whether inside or outside your firewall.

2. Data Science

Data science involves many different ways to harvest raw data and summarize it into knowledge to share with others in a way that could be understood by everyone. This is the stream that not only helps organizations to uncover meaningful trends but also present these findings in a succinct way through intuitive visualization. Data science involves asking relevant business questions to uncover insights from huge sets of data.

Data Science @ Kafal

Data Scientists at Kafal Software help our customers in overseeing the steps involved in moving data from it's raw form into it's consumable form, Framing the right set of questions so that you can define what needs to be derived from data, selecting the appropriate data for measurement and cleaning that up to get to the right pattens. All of this happens through through years of experience and commitment towards our customers.

3. Robotic Process Automation

Robotics process automation (RPA) has been gaining significant traction in the markets for past few years. RPA provides integrated 'software' robots to automate any high-touch, repetitive processes. It also provides assisted automation for processes which need manual intervention. Irrespective of the domain that your company operates in, people and processes are two key things that determine the outcome of the business. If the processes are not streamlined, customers spend too much time in executing repetitive but 'critical tasks' thereby resulting in increasing the costs.

RPA with Kafal Software

Kafal Software helps customers address all aspects and different scenarios of such automation to build a virtual worker as per your needs. This gives you your business an edge through better efficiency, lower costs without any errors. With all this customers can now focus on innovation and core business to achieve better business outcomes.

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